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Why project management is broken and how to fix it

Effective project management is all about doing things right:

  • First, someone decides that something has to be done.
  • Then, someone else assembles a team and designs an effective project execution plan.
  • After that, the team members do their best to execute the project.
  • Lastly, someone evaluates whether the project solved the problem it was meant to solve.

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Qvest: What's in a name?

We are Qvest.

Qvest, pronounced 'quest', is named for exactly that: a journey with a purpose. Imagine the Quest for the Holy Grail. In that quest, and in most quests, a collection of individuals are driven to reach a goal.

There are unknown challenges, and individual skills and perspectives are revealed along the way. While there might be a leader on the quest, all members of the journey are responsible for the accomplishments and goals reached. Through the process of a quest, individuals are impacted and changed for the better.

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