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The three building blocks of Project Intelligence

The Qvest Project Success Grid is set up to let you map the project intelligence for a given project. For that purpose, the grid is divided into three sections. In each section, you will find three feature cards. When you click on each feature card, you can explore the data further.

Stakeholder commitment is a prerequisite for project success

The first section of the Project Success Grid is called Commitment. 

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Qvest Analytics paves the way for Project Success

The conversational data generated in a Qvest provides unique insight into how you can achieve project success. Data from a Qvest is analyzed in the Project Success Grid. The Project Success Grid is designed to give you useful (and beautiful) data that will both nurture your curiosity and show you a path forward.

The purpose of the Qvest Project Success grid is to help you navigate between project opportunities and project risks, thus paving the way for project success. The layout of the Project Success Grid is a 3 x 3 set of feature cards that gives you nine unique key findings about your specific project.

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3 reasons why your organization needs to democratize the power of questions

We’re taught that questions are a tool for obtaining knowledge, and that knowledge is power.  

In most organizations, however, those who already have the power are the ones who ask all the questions.

Let’s consider a common situation in which questions give a person in a higher-status role more power than you: a doctor’s appointment.

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How to eliminate the high cost of low project performance (and secure project success)

Remember when you were in school and your teacher announced that your class would be working on group projects?

If you went to a typical school as a child, here’s how such things usually went:

1. Dismayed students groaned in agony.

2. The teacher would purposefully throw mismatched classmates into the same groups together, in the spirit of “mixing it up.”

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Why questions will lead you to effective project management nirvana

“Any questions?”

The phrase is uttered in millions of offices and conference rooms around the world.

Typically the person who says it is a project lead or manager who has just presented information on how something will be done or what the other people in the room will be expected to do.

If you’ve ever been in a meeting when someone says it, you know the drill:

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Why project management is broken and how to fix it

Effective project management is all about doing things right:

  • First, someone decides that something has to be done.
  • Then, someone else assembles a team and designs an effective project execution plan.
  • After that, the team members do their best to execute the project.
  • Lastly, someone evaluates whether the project solved the problem it was meant to solve.

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Why project management is broken hd


Qvest: What's in a name?

We are Qvest.

Qvest, pronounced 'quest', is named for exactly that: a journey with a purpose. Imagine the Quest for the Holy Grail. In that quest, and in most quests, a collection of individuals are driven to reach a goal.

There are unknown challenges, and individual skills and perspectives are revealed along the way. While there might be a leader on the quest, all members of the journey are responsible for the accomplishments and goals reached. Through the process of a quest, individuals are impacted and changed for the better.

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