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When Strategy asked me how to make Culture listen - this is what I said

Strategy: "Hi Pia, it's me Strategy."

Me: "Hi...?"

Strategy: "I just got off the phone with Culture, and I was wondering if you could help us?"

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Strategy calls Pia for help


Strategy invites culture for breakfast - this is how it happened

Culture: "Hello...?"

Strategy: "Hi, C, it's S - are you busy?"

Culture: "Always! I have a customer on hold - is it important?"

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Strategy invites culture for breakfast


How to build an agile culture in four easy steps

Even before COVID-19, senior managers in large companies had a hard time knowing what their employees needed to execute their corporate strategies effectively.

And serving hundreds of different markets, it is inevitable that different country managers and employees need different things to succeed.

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Agile steps

Change   Culture

How to ensure strategic alignment in a distributed world

All around the world, governments are scrambling to get their countries and economies “back to normal.” But while our societies are starting to open, the world as we knew it has changed irrevocably. There is no normal to go back to. There’s only the next normal. And organizations that hope to be successful in the next economy must adapt and evolve—and right away.

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Why your leaders ignore your questions and how to make them listen

Have you ever held back a question or an idea because you were afraid of how your leader might react? If you have, you are not alone. In a survey of more than 3,000 employees from a wide range of firms and industries conducted by Harvard Business School Professor Francesca Gino, 70% said they face barriers to asking more questions at work.

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Leader listening to employee


Why surveys are failing you and your organization

Globally, employee engagement was recently reported at an abysmal 15%. With a number that low, it comes as no surprise that organizations are making significant attempts at improving employee engagement. Surveys are the tool most commonly used by leadership to engage employees and measure workplace conditions. But what if the surveys used to understand engagement actually stifle it? Here are a few reasons why surveys are actually doing more harm than good.

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TED talk: What you don't know about questions

Questions have the power to connect us, and they also have the power to separate us. In my recent TED talk, I explain why the key to successful communication is not about asking better questions, but instead about achieving a better balance of questioning and answering.

In the talk, I cover how:

  • NOT asking questions has brought me closer to my teenage son
  • A question from a co-worker did more to adjust my behavior than any instructions from a manager could ever have
  • Questions have the power to change the world

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