Qvest Case: Improving Employee Loyalty

"By using Qvest, we achieved two main things. one, we got really surprising information about what was on people's minds. Secondly, that knowledge was created and accumulated in the organization, so people worked with it" - Qvest user

An organization was surprised when they ran their quarterly employee engagement survey in 2018 and discovered that their employees were not as loyal to the company as they had thought. 

The leaders of the organization wanted to investigate the reason for this and define initiatives to increase the loyalty. They figured Qvest could be the tool to understand why loyalty was down, by turning the tables and letting employees ask the questions - instead of merely answering predefined questions. 

The Qvest included a total of 2783 participants, with 27 parallel Qvests running at once - all composed of 12 different departments and groups. 

The topic was: Things that would make [company] a better place to work

The Qvest generated 2217 questions and answers, where an average of 34% of the participants asked and/or answered questions.

Examples of questions asked in the case:

  • "How is the current outlook for career development?"
  • "Are the transition plans for each of the new functions running in accordance with the determined timeline(s)?"
  • "Is feeling appreciated important for you, to reach your greatest potential?"
  • "There has been a lot of changes recently. Do you, as a manager, see more drastic changes coming in the near future, or do you think we will have more stability?"
  • "Do you feel you can follow projects to the end, before moving on to other tasks?"

Sample answers:

  • "Maybe [a reward system would help to motivate personnel], but I think it is a bit sad if that is the case, as I think we should all be one team working towards the same goal"
  • "Our goal should be working in a successful company, and the feeling of success would hopefully be motivation enough to continue wanting to do a good job"

Outcome: Insights into what was really on employees' minds

"First of all, we got unique information about what was on people's minds inside the organization. We got some of our assumptions confirmed, but we also found out that there was a lot of topics which were far more important than we expected. Thereby, we got a unique insight into the themes that was on employee's minds, but at the same time, we got insights into network dynamics of the target group. Besides that, it shows solutions that already exist in our organization, which can make it easier to act fast on the result."

Qvest made a difference for this organization, and it can make a difference for yours. Curious how Qvest could improve your organization or project? Register to book a demo and one of our Qvest experts will contact you to schedule a 30-minute call. 

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Ava Cramp

Ava Cramp

Marketing Associate at Qvest. Ava is passionate about the power of questions and clear communication. When she is not juggling marketing tasks for Qvest, she is pursuing her Masters in Brand and Communication Management at Copenhagen Business School.

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