Qvest Analytics paves the way for Project Success

The conversational data generated in a Qvest provides unique insight into how you can achieve project success. Data from a Qvest is analyzed in the Project Success Grid. The Project Success Grid is designed to give you useful (and beautiful) data that will both nurture your curiosity and show you a path forward.

The purpose of the Qvest Project Success grid is to help you navigate between project opportunities and project risks, thus paving the way for project success. The layout of the Project Success Grid is a 3 x 3 set of feature cards that gives you nine unique key findings about your specific project.

Measure the 3 C’s of Project Intelligence: Commitment, Connection, Communication

Each of the nine key findings is initially displayed with insight about how your project stakeholders commit to the Qvest project, connect to each other, and communicate about the Qvest topic. The first row of features, Commitment, contains: Activity, Mindset, and Key stakeholders. The second row, Connections, presents features detailing: Distribution, Interaction, and Network. In the last row, Communication, you will find: Highlights, Focus, and Themes features. When you click on the feature cards, you can explore the data further.


Every project is unique, and so is every Qvest

No two Project Success Grids will ever look exactly the same. Each Project Success Grid is unique because it is generated from the specific questions and answers your participants exchange in the given Qvest. The project recommendations you get in Qvest are therefore tailored to your specific situation and your specific stakeholders. A fact that will increase your project success rate. If you want to map the 3 C’s in your specific project, you can set up a Qvest right now starting here:


Read more in this blogpost about the three Project Success Grid sections.

Pia Lauritzen

Pia Lauritzen

Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Qvest. Pia is the inventor of the Qvest method. She has a PhD in Philosophy and has spent the last 20 years researching and writing about the nature and impact of questions.

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