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Keep up strategic momentum without meeting in-person

Corporate offsites and leadership summits are usually key to keeping up strategic momentum in companies – so what can you do when you cannot meet in person? Below is our recipe for how you can use Qvest to replace your in-person events with a virtual process and still keep your strategic momentum.

The purpose of gathering leaders is to have strategic discussions that readies the organization for execution. Additional benefits of gathering are buy-in to the strategy from your stakeholders and a strengthened network across your organization. Thoughtfully designing a virtual process will allow you to have the strategic discussion as well as the benefits of securing the buy-in and networking.This is how you can replace your in-person meeting with a virtual process in 3 easy steps with Qvest. 

Step 1 – Online kick-off

Purpose: Build understanding and excitement about the destination

Hold an online meeting where a senior leader gives an update and presents the destination you need to reach together. This will typically be your key strategic focus area. Invite key employees who are responsible for executing the strategy. This could be your top 100. At the close of the meeting, announce that you will invite the group to a Qvest the following week. Remember to emphasize that their participation is part of shaping the strategic journey of the company. As a follow up, send out materials from the kick-off.


Step 2 – Run a Qvest

Purpose: Close the execution gap and build buy-in from employees

Run a Qvest with the same key employees. Set a topic that reflects your strategic destination. For example “Our journey towards a more agile company” or “Collaboration across divisions and locations.” Schedule the Qvest for 4 days of questions and answer exchanges. Discussion is captured in writing via Qvest output. The Qvest will both generate useful data on the opportunities and risks employees see in your strategy, and it will connect employees in 1:1 exchanges that strengthen the network and collaboration between them. 


Step 3 – Online Townhall

Purpose: Acknowledge the contributions from your employees and reinforce the strategic direction

Present the Qvest findings at a town hall. Reflect on the Qvest data. Discuss how the inputs from the Qvest impact the strategic direction. Outline priorities and be clear on next steps in the strategy process. As a follow up, send out the materials from the presentation and key findings from the Qvest report. 


Using Qvest in this 3-step virtual process lets you keep up your strategic momentum while engaging employees in the journey.

Marie Mathiesen

Marie Mathiesen

Captain of the ship at Qvest. Her formal title is CEO and Co-founder. Marie has worked in corporate management and as a consultant across multiple sectors in Denmark and the US. Marie has a PhD in Organizational Analysis.

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