Kasper is the new Product Manager at Qvest

Kasper decided to apply for the product captain role at Qvest because he was drawn to the big vision.

“One of the main reasons I applied for this position is because I thought the team had an interesting combination of backgrounds and the product seemed like a great challenge with a promising future.” Said Kasper K. Larsen.

Kasper is Qvest’s new product manager. His trajectory before Qvest reflects why he’s a great fit for this role.

Having spent the previous 5 years as co-founder and CEO in a tech startup, Kasper has been exposed to a wide range of tech product and tech business challenges, which he hopes to convert into a great impact in Qvest. Prior to building his own startup, Kasper finished his education from Copenhagen Business School and has been on a steady working spree since age 12. Once, in his youth, he participated in the Danish Chess Championship “and got destroyed.”

Building a company with no previous experience— which he named as 1 of the most challenging things he’s done so far—taught Kasper a thing or two about the work that goes into making a great product. His hope is to bring some of his previous successes and lessons from prior experience into his role, saying, “I hope that I can have a really positive impact here and put my experience to work with the Qvest team, the business and the product.”

"Qvest is a disruptive new thing. There is literally nothing like it in the world. This comes with all the pros and cons of introducing something new - even if the benefits of using it seem obvious.” Said Kasper. He believes Qvest has huge potential to be a hit, but is also aware that the novelty could make it hard to introduce the product to the market. “We really need to nurture and educate our users...make them understand how Qvest will deliver value to their business."


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