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Dear leader, you cannot succeed alone

Qvest is designed to solve the biggest problem that every leader, consultant and change agent face every day: You cannot succeed alone.

Being a leader - whether formal or informal, corporate or political - means being on a mission that’s bigger than yourself. If you go alone, you fail. 

The only way to succeed with a mission that’s bigger than yourself is to make other people commit to the same mission you are committed to. So, the question every leader asks - or should ask - themselves is: How do I get people onboard? 


And the answer is grounded in something very simple that we overlook again and again:

People only commit to a mission if it reflects their own experiences and dreams.

So, to get people onboard, leaders must find a way to make their own mission everybody’s mission.

And doing this is actually surprisingly easy. Here’s the secret:

The way to get people onboard is to stop asking them to commit to a leader-defined mission, and instead invite them to develop and execute a shared mission.

Qvest is the only tool that is designed to do that. It works because:

1)    Participants ask and answer all the questions

2)    The group decides how to distribute questions and answers

3)    Everyone gets access to the Qvest results

Using Qvest ensures that you as the leader do not go alone. Instead you turn your teams into co-creators of a shared mission. And that’s beyond powerful.

Pia Lauritzen

Pia Lauritzen

Co-founder and Chief Methodologist at Qvest. Pia is the inventor of the Qvest method. She has a PhD in Philosophy and has spent the last 20 years researching and writing about the nature and impact of questions.

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