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Customer testimonial: Our strategy is alive, engaging, and meaningful for everyone

By involving employees in developing your strategy you are laying the foundation for successful execution of your strategy. And front-line experience is invaluable when it comes to making viable strategic choices and setting direction.

Qvest is in sync with our ambition that strategy is alive, engaging, and meaningful for everyone. Using Qvest we have engaged a much larger part of the organization that we otherwise would. By using Qvest, we have turned the process upside down. Many employees who earlier perhaps felt that strategy was something that rolled down from the top now experience being part of the process from the beginning which results in ownership and connection.


For our organization, Qvest has brought strategy down to earth and closer to our everyday practices. Crucially, at the same time, the employees think that it is fun to Qvest! Even with variable participation rates, we have been surprised at how interested people have been and how much they care. At the onset that was our concern: Will our busy employees find Qvest meaningful? So far, the answer is yes.


Another benefit of Qvest is that it brings to light all the voices and the collective attention of the organization. Our strategy work is more transparent and we have a stronger foundation for further work. Finally, it is rare to find a digital tool that is as easy to use and intuitive as Qvest - this goes from setting up and participating in a Qvest, to the analytics panel. It just works!


Qvest has nurtured a movement in our organization where we pay more attention to the questions we ask each other. Who do we address our question to? What are the questions about? And what is the intention behind the questions? We have also become aware that there are questions that we do not ask ourselves. For example “why” and purpose-oriented questions. As a purpose-driven organization, with the mission of enabling people to live full lives their entire lives, that is a thought-provoking realization that we are still processing.


- Søren Witwicki Jensen, OK-Fonden



This testimonial is part of a series of statements from Qvest users. We asked some of our amazing customers to let us know what value questions bring to their organizations. For more testimonials, go here:


Marie Mathiesen

Marie Mathiesen

Captain of the ship at Qvest. Her formal title is CEO and Co-founder. Marie has worked in corporate management and as a consultant across multiple sectors in Denmark and the US. Marie has a PhD in Organizational Analysis.

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