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Customer testimonial: Asking questions brings knowledge and expertise to life

When strategy is a purely top-down exercise, it is doomed to fail.

Engaging employees in the strategy work and leveraging their expertise on the other hand, is a recipe for making strategy much more likely to succeed.

This is how one leader expresses it: 


An organization is built and shaped by people – people with different skill sets, perspectives, ideas, opinions and knowledge.


By involving our key stakeholders in our strategy process and asking them for their perspectives, ideas, and opinions, we get a holistic view of our business, activate our common “brain trust” and create a very important sense of ownership of the strategy – making it our strategy and not just the management team’s strategy – a determining factor when it comes to executing our strategy.


We have so much knowledge and expertise within our organization. Asking questions brings it to life. Listening to the answers gives you different perspectives, new ideas, motivated and engaged employees.


What motivates you? Being told what to do and how to do it? Or being asked what you think we should do and how we should do it?


- Annette Kalle, Lantmännen Unibake


This testimonial is part of a series of statements from Qvest users. We asked some of our amazing customers to let us know what value questions bring to their organizations. For more testimonials, go here:


Marie Mathiesen

Marie Mathiesen

Captain of the ship at Qvest. Her formal title is CEO and Co-founder. Marie has worked in corporate management and as a consultant across multiple sectors in Denmark and the US. Marie has a PhD in Organizational Analysis.

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