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Customer testimonial: A better public service organization

Organizations who use Qvest experience growth in curiosity and agility – by nurturing the employees’ questioning habits, they are changing the culture. And by changing the culture in a data-driven way with Qvest, they enable better performance.

The testimonial below is from a municipality in Denmark where they have deployed Qvest as a tool in their journey towards becoming a more citizen-centered public organization.


We have used Qvest several times - and each time I´m so uplifted by all the knowledge we gain. Knowledge, that´s already lying there right before us in the organization. It is accessible if we are curious and deliberately make an effort to bring it out. At the same time, we have experienced that employees transfer this curiosity into real life interactions. We get a dynamic atmosphere in our meetings, and also in our water cooler talks.


Employees' questions and answers transfer knowledge and experience about the services and preferred solutions back into the organization and make it available as a basis for new and better decisions.


Organizationally, we have used Qvest as a tool to ensure that our values​​ and actions are known throughout the organization – as a basis for informed decisions. In this way, we are creating the foundation for a whole system approach which means that actions and practices make sense to everyone and benefit the solutions and services we are here to provide.


In our last series of Qvest’s, we have explored what is crucial and important for employees to succeed. What do we need to do to set the employees free and create the best opportunities for collaboration? and how can we create an organization focused on the citizens needs?


All this Qvest material is now the foundation for a new organizational structure that focuses on - and is able to take a starting point in -  the hopes and dreams of citizens. Thanks to our targeted use of Qvest, we are better equipped to succeed as a public service organization.


Anette Kureer, Ballerup Municipality 

This testimonial is part of a series of statements from Qvest users. We asked some of our amazing customers to let us know what value questions bring to their organizations. For more testimonials, go here:






Marie Mathiesen

Marie Mathiesen

Captain of the ship at Qvest. Her formal title is CEO and Co-founder. Marie has worked in corporate management and as a consultant across multiple sectors in Denmark and the US. Marie has a PhD in Organizational Analysis.

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