Qvest Case: Building Trust

"There are two interesting aspects about Qvest. One is that you get insight into what's going on in your organization. The other, is that through the mapping of who talks to who, you get to know something about the organization that you would not otherwise know" - Qvest User

A public sector organization was hoping to help their organization move forward after making changes to the organizational and leadership structure. Using Qvest allowed this organization to map the workplace culture and increased trust between management and employees. 

The company was a public sector organization with many employees who work in shifts and various locations in the city. The Qvest involved all managers and employees, for a total of 110 participants. 

The topic was: Workplace Culture in [Company Name]

The Qvest generated 316 questions and answers and 59% of the participants exchanged questions and answers. 

Examples of questions asked in the case:

  • "Do you think the new structure will change our everyday work?"
  • "Do you miss having contact with the operational staff?"
  • "Would you participate if [company name] held ONE joint Christmas party for all employees?"

A sample answer:

  • "Many old prejudices, stories and negative "ghosts" hang around in the organization. As an organization, we have a memory like an elephant. And new employees are taught by colleagues in these "ghosts", without first having the opportunity to form their own impressions"

Section of the resulting data:

Outcome: In addition to the concrete mapping of the concerns employees shared, Qvest initiated dialogue and displayed informal networks within the organization. These processes helped create trust between management and employees.

"Thanks to Qvest, it became obvious to everybody that, even though they talked a lot about moving on, both managers and employees felt they were stuck in a situation that made it impossible for them to look ahead. By mapping the informal relations and key concerns in the organization, Qvest enabled managers and employees to talk about the elephant in the room and move forward together. Starting with a workshop where people looked each other in the eye and made some agreements on how to be respectful and appreciative of one another"

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Ava Cramp

Ava Cramp

Marketing Associate at Qvest. Ava is passionate about the power of questions and clear communication. When she is not juggling marketing tasks for Qvest, she is pursuing her Masters in Brand and Communication Management at Copenhagen Business School.

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