Case: Grundfos on building a world-class learning organization

Grundfos is a global water technology company with 20.000 employees serving customers all over the world. They are on a mission to pioneer solutions to the world’s water and climate challenges.

To succeed with their strategic goal of being a world-class learning organization, Grundfos turned to Qvest. Using Qvest, Grundfos was able to mobilize their employees around the learning agenda and gathers data on how to meaningfully advance the strategic initiative.

“We used Qvest because we wanted to know how people think about Grundfos as a learning organization. How do they understand it? What is our learning culture and what is needed? What concrete topics are our people discussing? What concrete ideas might they have? And that helped us understand where our front runners on this topic are. We got a lot of data and insight out of Qvest, which we use in shaping our roadmap.“

-Teija Saari, Head of Organizational Development Center of Excellence

Conversational data from Qvest allows Grundfos to make strategic decisions that are in tune with what the employees prioritize. In addition, using Qvest supports a culture of curiosity and pro-activity, where employees across the company reflect together and connect about important strategic agendas.

“When I get questions as a participant in Qvest, the topic takes root inside me because I've reflected how to reply. The same is true when I think about what kind of questions I should ask myself. It goes deeper. If I just answer pre-defined questions, they are gone the second I’ve answered.” 

-Teija Saari, Head of Organizational Development Center of Excellence

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Gabrielle Viana

Gabrielle Viana

Marketing Associate at Qvest. Gabi has a degree in communications and multimedia design and is currently studying International Social Sciences. She grew up in Brazil and is passionate about communications and community-building.

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