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How to make big, old companies act fast - article by Pia Lauritzen

Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Qvest, Pia Lauritzen, PhD’s new article “How to make big, old companies act fast” is out now in Strategy+Business.

Here is a brief excerpt from the article:

"Prior to the spread of COVID, senior executives in large legacy companies would often say that their organizations were far too complex for everyone to be involved in strategic discussions and decisions. That has changed.

The nature of the crisis has shown that what counts is alignment on the same strategic agenda coupled with the autonomy to act. Working with three European multinationals during the pandemic, I saw five significant attitude shifts that showed how deeply the crisis has affected the way these types of companies do strategy."

Read the rest of the article in Strategy+Business - no subscription required.

Q&A with Pia Lauritzen

I caught up with Pia to ask her a few questions about why this is a conversation that must be on the top of the agenda for legacy organizations around the world.

Q: You wrote an article about legacy enterprises - why do you care about big old companies?

P: Large legacy companies have huge impact, and they hold an important key to making the world a better place. Legacy companies not only gather hundreds of thousands of people around the same purpose, they also have the organizational capacity and impact to align their purpose with the needs of their surroundings. So large legacy companies are a central component in solving humanity’s most critical and important problems such as health crises, climate change, inequality, and poverty.

Q: Who do you hope will read the article?

P: The article is written to show leaders in large complex organizations that there is a way of working where they can get results faster. I wanted to share the best examples of what I have experienced in my own work as an advisor to large companies. So more people can be inspired and copy what is working well for others.

Q: How do you hope that your article will influence the people who read it? 

P: The traditional leadership understanding is that a leader should set the strategy and know the answers. I think that is not true. What I believe is that most organizations, and the world, would be better off if leaders flipped their mindset about what their job is. A great leader, especially in large legacy companies, generates amazing results when they focus on unleashing what already exists in the organization. When they can help make room for employees' experience and commitment, then the company will move forward much faster than it does in the traditional leadership model.

Thank you Pia!

image of pia lauritzen for bio(1)Pia Lauritzen’s article is titled “How to make big, old companies act fast” and published by Strategy+Business in October 2021.



Gabrielle Viana

Gabrielle Viana

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