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The Qvest tool is built to serve the participants. To qvest with others is a valuable and fun experience that strengthens teams.

The connection and commitment that is created in a Qvest comes from the exchange of questions and answers one-to-one.

Here's how one participant experienced being part of a Qvest:

"I was a participant when Maersk Drilling used Qvest as an alternative to our conventional annual employee engagement survey. I found the act of asking and answering questions in Qvest to be a refreshing experience - an interesting, novel approach to check-in on our engagement. The cool thing about Qvest is that you have the opportunity to both ask and answer. I discovered that questions lead to answers, and the answers you give create greater personal insight and commitment. You are responsible for finding your own position, and knowing that there is a dedicated colleague waiting for your answer prompts you to reflect and carefully craft your response"

- Glenn Gormsen, Off-Shore Installation Manager at Maersk Drilling & Qvest-participant

For Glenn, the simple act of asking questions and giving answers, in writing, provided him with value on 3 levels:

  1. Personal motivation and insight
  2. Connection to his colleagues
  3. Commitment to the cause shared in the team

If you would like to add the same 3 levels of value to your team, you can book one of our experts for a demo.

Ava Cramp

Ava Cramp

Marketing Associate at Qvest. Ava is passionate about the power of questions and clear communication. When she is not juggling marketing tasks for Qvest, she is pursuing her Masters in Brand and Communication Management at Copenhagen Business School.

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