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9 reasons change managers use Qvest

I recently had the opportunity to speak at an event where the attendee list was mostly comprised of change agents working in large enterprise organizations. The highlight of the evening for me was when one of the participants asked what arguments she should use to convince her stakeholders to use Qvest.

I was just about to respond when it struck me that I was in a room full of people supremely qualified to answer that exact question - so I passed the baton on to the other participants, who described that Qvest:

  • Accelerates the change process, saving the company time and money

  • Provides unfiltered access to what matters to employees

  • Has a better participation rate and thus creates greater engagement and ownership than surveys

  • Unleashes the skill and knowledge that is already present in the organization

  • Allows everyone to contribute - in contrast to the current situation where many feel that they are not invited to the "change party"

  • Makes informal knowledge transparent and accessible to everyone

  • Uncovers potential risks

  • Makes it legitimate for employees to discuss important strategic issues with each other (peer-to-peer)

  • Is in line with the movement towards senior leaders recognizing that they do not know everything and therefore do not need to know all the questions and answers

Man, I'm glad I didn't answer!

Pia Lauritzen

Pia Lauritzen

Co-founder and Chief Methodologist at Qvest. Pia is the inventor of the Qvest method. She has a PhD in Philosophy and has spent the last 20 years researching and writing about the nature and impact of questions.

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